Rotary Stitch Master with Japanese hook


The Rotary Stitch Master sewing machine works at a speed up to 1800 spm (stitches per minute) to give a better output. To ensure seamless working, it has a full rotary hook, is compatible with special attachments that aid stitching, and is capable of working on a variety of fabrics ranging from light to heavy. Additionally, it is available with a Japanese Hook Shuttle too, and has both manual and motorized versions.

  • ISI marked
  • Stitches fine fabrics, heavy clothes and woollens
  • Hirose make Japanese full rotary hook
  • 1800 stitches per minute (SPM)
  • Fitted with a knee lifter for easy operation and time saving
  • Two drive systems: Manual using foot treadle on stand/ table and Motorized
1)       Body : Round
2)      Machine Color : Black
3)      Drive / Motion : Gear drive
4)      Pressure Adjustment : Screw Type
5)      Hook mechanism : Rotary Hook type
6)      Maximum stitch length : 4.2mm

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