Make A Snug Shrug


Sure it is hot right now but very soon the monsoon will be here and then there will be a chill in the air because of the dampness. Every time you walk into an air conditioned place like a movie hall, restaurant or even your office you will with you had something cover your shoulders, keep you warm and make you look great.

Why not make this into a project and sew a shrug.

This is an easy and fast project that uses basic sewing techniques. It requires a very little fabric of your choice and in terms of time, it will take short while to make even if you have just started sewing.

Before you start you will need the following.

  • Decorative Fabric (67cms x 87cms)
  • A pin cushion with a lot of beaded pins
  • A decorative brooch

Start making your Shrug. Visit and head straight for the sewing lessons. The shrug is Project No. 4. Before you click and start watching this video you should brush up on your sewing skills by watching all the other sewing lessons. Once you are confident, you can get going.

In the beginning of the project video we show you everything you will need in terms of fabrics and other materials. Please feel free to uses other colours and embellishments. You do not have to duplicate what is shown so be creative and make something that is yours. All you need to do is understand and follow the instructions. To do this watch the video a few times and then start.

It’s your Shrug so use your imagination.

Be creative, be bold! That is the mantra when it comes to fashion and this is how we want you to be. When you are making the shrug choose a fabric that not only will keep you warm but will also make a statement.

Pick accessories and embellishments that are bold. We have added a nice fabric flower to enhance the shrug we made. You are free to do whatever you want. Use giant buttons, add patches of your favourite sports teams, put mirrors and tinsel, there is no limit to what you can do. Remember this is your shrug so you should make it as unique as you are.
What you do need to take care about is the finish. And this is where your sewing skills will matter. Sew as fast or slow, as you are comfortable with. The rains are still some time away so there is no hurry.

Best of luck with this project. If you like it do try the other projects on our site. If you want to sharpen your skill or want to teach some other members in your family or your friends how to sew then please do visit onto

To give you an idea of the learning process here is how you start:

  • Right at the beginning you learn How to set up your Sewing Machine.
  • Then you move onto developing your skills by Sewing on Paper. Yes paper! This is the best way to develop control and precision.
  • Once you have practiced this you move on and Learn how to Sew on fabric.
  • Only after you have understood these basic steps do you get to a project. And the first one is pretty interesting.
  • The first project that you make is a Bookmark It is simple, easy to make and will not take more than an hour. You will find this project really rewarding. And it will spur you on to the next lesson.

All these lesson and videos are available in 9 Indian Languages. So find the one that you are most comfortable with before you start.

Usha Has The Machine For You.

At Usha we have created a range of Sewing Machines that covers every type of user. From the absolute beginner to the most seasoned professional, we have a machine for you. Check out our range and see the one that fits your needs the nest. If you need to speak to our customer care people, they will give you all the information you need. Go through our range at , see what you like and then find a Usha store close to you using the store locator on our website.

We would love to see what all you create once you start sewing.
Once you do start sewing we would love to see your creations. Please do share them with us on any of our social network pages. – (Facebook), (Instagram), (Twitter), (Youtube). Tell us why you made it, who was it for and how you made it special.

Now it is going to be a long summer so we suggest that you stay at home where it is cool and start your lessons straight away.


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