Sewing is great for Boys & Girls


Sewing is a great hobby for both boys and girls. It has a lot of benefits, both in terms of mental development and behavior. Now is the best time to introduce your son or daughter to sewing. It is too hot to go put and play. Sitting at home doing nothing can be boring and make kids dull and lazy. So get them going on a sewing machine and see how they develop a passion for this skill. And at the same time gain a lot more.

Better Concentrate and Organizational Skills.

Today, the world is moving fast. Everything comes in bite sizes. This has resulted in short attention spans, with boys especially. Sewing is one activity that can help kids develop their concentration. Both boys and girls can benefit immensely with this. And it is not only the ability to focus that gets developed, sewing also increases the organizational skills of an individual.

Sewing requires you to sit in one place, then understand and plan out each of your steps. If your son or daughter is designing something new it also helps them foresee problems and find solutions even before they crop up. As a result they get organized and methodical. These abilities are actually like superpowers in today’s world. They will help them in every facet of their lives, whether it is in studies or later in life, at work.

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Increases Creativity and Stimulates the Imagination

Now sewing is an art. Your palette includes fabrics, threads, buttons, different textures and colours, mirrors, beads… the list is endless. Both boys and girls will love to play with all of these to create wonderful things. They first have to use their creativity to design what they want to make. This is where you let their imagination run free. Once the design is ready, either in their head or drawn on paper (we recommend they do this), then comes the fun part. They can start putting things together and giving shape to it. Along the way encourage them to look at things again and refine the design. The idea is to allow them to express their creativity with a medium that is truly wonderful.

Fashion Designing Institutes Love People Who Can Sew

Today Fashion is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is a great career opportunity for both boys and girls. Institutes around the world where you can study fashion designing are in great demand and getting into any of them is tough. If your son or daughter is interested in Fashion Designing as a profession then it is better that they start learning how to sew.  The reason for this is that Fashion Design Institutes look for the ability to sew on resumes. They don’t want to waste time teaching how to sew when they should be developing designing abilities.

So give your child a competitive edge over all the other applicants. Let him or her learn how to sew as soon as possible.

Sewing Is About Much More Than Clothes.

Now this is where most people make a mistake. When they think of sewing then they think about a fashion line. While this is true there is a few other side to sewing that are very interesting.

Let’s say you are into Interior Designing. Here the same fabrics and material are used but in different ways. You have to know how to cut cloth, play with different textures and stitch it in a way that if falls perfectly. The basics of sewing remain the, it is just the application that changes.

There are a lot of other profession where knowing how to sew can take you further.

Learn and Create in the most fun way.

At we teach you how to sew in the most fun and interesting way. We have videos that are informative and easy to follow. Projects that push your new skills and are rewarding.

To Learn And Create you need to start with the basics. Once you are adept at them you get to use your new skill and create wonderful things. The videos where you start making things are called projects. And we have lots of them to keep you excited and involved.

To give you an idea of the learning process here is how you start::

  • Right at the beginning you learn How to set up your Sewing Machine.
  • Then you move onto developing your skills by Sewing on Paper. Yes paper! This is the best way to develop control and precision.
  • Once you have practiced this you move on and Learn how to Sew on fabric.
  • Only after you have understood these basic steps do you get to a project. And the first one is pretty interesting.
  • The first project that you make is a Bookmark It is simple, easy to make and will not take more than an hour. You will find this project really rewarding. And it will spur you on to the next lesson.

All these lesson and videos are available in 9 Indian Languages. So find the one that you are most comfortable with before you start.

Usha Has The Machine For You.

At Usha we have created a range of Sewing Machines that covers every type of user. From the absolute beginner to the most seasoned professional, we have a machine for you. Check out our range and see the one that fits your needs the nest. If you need to speak to our customer care people, they will give you all the information you need. Go through our range at , see what you like and then find a Usha store close to you using the store locator on our website.

We would love to see what all you create once you start sewing.
Once you do start sewing we would love to see your creations. Please do share them with us on any of our social network pages. – (Facebook), (Instagram), (Twitter), (Youtube). Tell us why you made it, who was it for and how you made it special.

Now it is going to be a long summer so we suggest that you stay at home where it is cool and start your lessons straight away.


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