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memory craft sewing machine

Memory Craft Sewing Machine

Often called the computerized dream machines, the Memory Craft series of specialized and professional computerized sewing and embroidery machine is for those wanting to work across garments, quilting, and home decor etc. While its wi-fi and iPad compatibility help you expand your creativity, its speed and precision add that critical edge needed for advanced sewing. Sewing speeds of 1,000 stitches per minute, special features designed for the quilter, including specialty stitches and an advanced feed mechanism enable those who want do more and do better. For details on the various models available, click below

Memory Craft 200E with Digitizer Jr

A computerised embroidery machine, the Memory Craft 200 E is ideal for embroidering up to 140 X 140 mm designs. Multiple font sizes are available for each font to design monograms and a USB Port helps import customized designs. Along with this the free Digitizer Jr V5 software allows one to edit existing designs and making select custom designs. 73 built in designs and a backlit LCD screen help scale up one’s creativity.

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Memory Craft 450E with Digitizer Jr

An efficient embroidery machine, the Memory Craft 450 E offers a speed of 860 spm (stitches per minute) and is enabled to embroider designs of up to 200 X 280 mm making it great for boutiques. It has two hoops – RE28b: 8” x 11” and SQ20b: 8” x 8”, which are adjustable even after embroidery has begun. Its extra wide table supports large projects and its free Digitizer Jr V5 software allows editing of existing designs and creation of customised designs.

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Memory Craft 9900 with Digitizer Jr

An all-in-one sewing machine, the Memory Craft 9900 comes with 175 built in stitches and can be connected with an embroidery unit which has 200 embroidery patterns built in. Additionally, its free Digitizer Jr V5 software further allows editing of existing designs and creation of customised designs making it extremely versatile. It can embroider designs of up to 170 X 200 mm and has a maximum stitching zig zag width of 9 mm and a stitch length of 5 mm.

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Memory Craft 15000 with Digitizer MBX

A Hi-tech wi-fi enabled stitching-cum-embroidery machine, the Memory Craft 15000 is iPad compatible and is capable of embroidering designs of up to 230 X 300 and stitching width of 9 mm. Multiple features include the iPad® Connection app for communication with four iPad@ apps for specialised digitizing; the Horizon Link™ Suite and the Wireless Horizon link™ Suite Software Package, including AcuFil™ Quilting Suite and Stitch Composer™; AcuFeed Flex™ feeding system that lets you quilt through multiple, thick layers with perfect precision; and the Free Digitizer MBX: a powerful designing software for making customised embroidery designs.

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