The Incredible Usha Janome Memory Craft 15000


 Now here is a sewing machine that will make an engineer, a scientist and a sewist delighted with joy. If you are wondering how then read on.

What is the Memory Craft 15000?

The Memory Craft series has often been called the computerized dream machines. The 15000 is at the pinnacle of this range so you can easily understand why we get so excited talking about it. In terms of features the 15000 has it all. Wifi connect, Sewing speeds of 1,000 stitches per minute, special features designed for the quilter, including specialty stitches, built in software and a lot more. But we are not here to discuss it long list of features. We want to excite you with what all you can do with it.

The Benefits of the WIFI Connection.

This is the digital age. Most designers work on computers and iPads. Now with the Memory Craft 15000 you can get your iPad to ‘talk’ with your sewing machine. You can transfer designs and then the built in software will take over.  You will be able to sew or embroider your design and see them come to life. All with the click of a few buttons.

This is great for customizing designs. You can embroider on logos and designs you have made, add special sewing patterns and keep repeating the same without having to reset anything. Once you have fed in the commands the machine will keep on working till you ask it to stop.

The super fast sewing speed (1500 Stitches Per Minute) and the large embroidery area (230mm x 300mm) mean you can think big and also execute fast.

The Big Screen Experience

On the side of the Memory Craft 15000 you will see a large 9inch screen. This is your control panel. You can access all the features from here.  This makes using this machine really simple. It is just like working on a tablet. If you have any issues using this screen then ask any child to help you out. Kids today are much better at engaging with computers. And all the software has been designed to have the simplest controls.

The best part of this big screen is the fact that you will be able to see your designs on it. And also decide how to go about executing it. You can choose colours and play around with other tools to make sure you get the perfect output.

The Precision Of A Computer That Sews

A computer that sews is the best description for this sewing machine. The software installed in it allows you to manipulate images. You can resize, modify, flip, mirror, move, rotate, cut and paste, align and so much more. Nearly all the commands are the same are regular computer software. So they are easy to use.

In addition there are specialized software like Acusketch. This converts your designs into embroidery. It does this automatically but still gives you total control over what you are finally going to sew.

All this technology results in great precision. What you make will have the neatest and finest details. Whether it is the embroidery or sewing. You can get the perfect finish the first time and even when you sew the hundredth piece. Each will be exactly the same.

The other Machines in the Memory Craft Range

While the Memory Craft 15000 is at the top of this range there are other sewing machines too. The range starts with the Memory Craft 200E, followed by the Memory Craft 450E and then the Memory Craft 9900. All these machines are digitally enabled and come with a Digitizer Jr. Each is as capable as the other so you should go through all their details and fine the one that suits you the best. Click here to see the Usha Janome Memory Craft Range.

If you want more information or need to speak with one of our sales representative the click on You will find a store locator on the site and also our customer care numbers. You can also check out the rest of the Usha sewing machine range.


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