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Today our phone is one of the most precious devices we carry. It has it all, from contacts to emails to shopping apps to photos. Since this little piece of electronics has become an indispensible in our lives it is important that we keep it safe and also make it reflect our style. We need to protect it from all the bumps it faces through the day and, most importantly, we also need to ensure that we don’t misplace it.

One of the best ways to do this is to get a pouch and carry your phone in it. The only issue with a pouch bought off a market shelf is that it will never be something that is unique and one of a kind.

To get a mobile pouch that truly reflects your personality and style you will have to actually make it yourself. If you are wondering how then don’t worry, we will show you.

Start by getting everything you need together.
Before you start you will need to gather all everything that is needed to make a Mobile phone cover. While this is listed out in detail in our Project video called “A Handy Mobile Pouch” we have listed own what all goes into making one.

  • One piece of fabric that is 9 inches by 13 inches
  • Three pieces of fabric that are at least 3 inches bigger than your cellphone. One of these can be a colourful, printed or textured fabric.
  • A button for decorating
  • A 1 inch piece of Velcro as a fastener.
  • And a long ribbon for the sling.

Once you have all of this together you need to get your phone or your laptop and sit down comfortably at your sewing table with your sewing machine.

Watch the Lesson and Learn

Visit on to and click on Project No 3. This is the lesson where we show you how to make a mobile pouch. Here we start you off right at the start and take you through every step, while explaining what needs do be done and how.

When you watch the video of the project you will see that we start at the first step. That is laying out all the material and the other stuff needed. We then explain what is to be done and how. Everything is explained, including the stitch length you need, attaching the Velcro and finally finishing your pouch so that it has a clean look.

Now we have used colours and fabrics that we like. You are welcome to choose whatever suits your fancy. So go ahead and be adventurous. Get wild and splash colours and play with textures. This is your mobile pouch so it should reflect your personality and style. Just keep the measurements right (remember to measure twice and then cut once). If you have a larger phone then what is being used in the video simply increase the measurements to make it fit. Here too it is better to be over size as you can then cut off the extra material later.

If this is your first project then we recommend going slowly. Before you make a single stitch watch the video again. Be very sure of what you are doing. This is not a speed sewing competition. In fact the finish is more important than the time taken. If you do make a mistake do not panic. Take you your scissors and simply snip off the stitches to separate the pieces and start again.

We want to see your mobile Pouch

When you do finish your mobile pouch please share pictures of it on our Social Network pages. If possible explain what you did differently, the materials you chose, the colours, etc.

If this think this project is fun we have a few more that are equally if not more interesting.

All these projects have their own individual videos where once again we have explained every step in a simple yet informative way. If you don’t understand a certain part you can refer to the lessons that precede the Project video. These lesson teach you the individual steps like – how to cut fabric, hemming, sewing zippers, etc.

Each of these lessons and project is available in 9 different languages. So choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

We regularly add projects and videos to the long list that we already have on the site so keep checking. If you want information on any Usha sewing machine you will also find the entire range displayed there. Our customer care number is also given on the top right hand of the site so call them if you want a demo or need any other information.

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