A Small Bag for a Big Change

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Plastic! We all know the evils of this deadly material. It is choking our world slowly. Today our cities, forests, rivers, lakes and oceans are filled with plastic. Animals, fish and birds are bearing the worst of this pollution. And yet every day we add a little more to the problem.

Every time you accept a plastic bag you become a part of the problem. Picking up groceries, buying fruit, brining home vegetables, the places we get our plastic bags from are endless. Unfortunately these bags are hardly every reused and even if they are they finally end up being tossed outside in the garbage. And then they start their journey and cause unimaginable harm along the way.

Now you have a solution that will make a big difference! Say ‘No’ to plastic by making your own cloth shopping bag.

Don’t worry! We have made it very easy and you will love doing it.

Now all you need to do is first go to the Shopping Bag Project on www.ushasew.com and start watching the video. It has all the instruction and explains every step in detail.

The steps are simple to follow and with a little bit of fabric, some ribbons and your USHA sewing machine you will have the shopping bag ready in no time.

If you seem to get stuck at any point please go to the previous lessons. Each of these lessons take a single step and helps you understand them in detail.. So you will learn how to sew in straight lines, follow curves, hem material and all the rest.

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