Sewing – The perfect hobby to pick up this summer


Summer is here and it is getting hotter by the day. We all love the summer vacation the kids get but it brings it’s own set of issues with it. How do the kids spend their time? How do you keep them indoors? What can you do to make these holidays productive? All these questions have one answer. That is to get a hobby. And we recommend Sewing because it is a useful, engrossing and rewarding one to have!

Sewing? Yes! It is a great skill for both boys and girls to have. It is practical, useful and actually has a lot of other benefits too.

It Does Not Take Long To Learn?

The two months off that the kids get is ample time for them to learn, practice and become accomplished at this art. The easy lessons and projects that you will find on  are designed to take you through all the steps one at a time. You learn about a technique and then are given projects to implement them. To make understanding and learning better all these videos are available in 9 different languages. All knowledge and information is passed on in an interesting way. If you start you could be well versed in the basics in a few days and then it is all about how much practice you put in.

Time Pass TV vs Informative Videos.

Your kids will love the way we teach them. Instead of watching television, getting bored or wasting time they could use the computer or phone to watch and learn. We have made each video easy to follow. Each step is explained. And the lesson are just a few minutes long. So if you have a sewing machine (If you need one click here to see the Usha Range ) get your kids to sit at it and start watching the videos. Since they have been designed to be interactive they can watch and then try to what they have learnt on the machine right away.

A New Skill is a Cool Thing!

Kids today are really competitive. All of them want to be better and keep finding ways to shine. Sewing is a skill that will allow them to be creative and encourage them to give shape to their designs. They can surprise their friends with one-of-a-kind gifts or even start a ‘fashion label’. Having a new skill can really help a child along. It will keep them occupied and give them a sense of purpose. Not to mention make heroes of them in their peer circle.

A Few Hours At The Hottest Time Of The Day.

You by now sure do agree that learning how to sew is the best way to use the coming hot afternoons. Staying indoors is the wisest thing to do so long on to and start your lessons.

Learn and Create in the most fun way.

At we teach you how to sew in the most fun and interesting way. We have videos that are informative and easy to follow. Projects that push your new skills and are rewarding.

To Learn And Create you need to start with the basics. Once you are adept at them you get to use your new skill and create wonderful things. The videos where you start making things are called projects. And we have lots of them to keep you excited and involved.

To give you an idea of the learning process here is how you start:

  • Right at the beginning you learn How to set up your Sewing Machine.
  • Then you move onto developing your skills by Sewing on Paper. Yes paper! This is the best way to develop control and precision.
  • Once you have practiced this you move on and Learn how to Sew on fabric.
  • Only after you have understood these basic steps do you get to a project. And the first one is pretty interesting.
  • The first project that you make is a Bookmark. It is simple, easy to make and will not take more than an hour. You will find this project really rewarding. And it will spur you on to the next lesson.

All these lesson and videos are available in 9 Indian Languages. So find the one that you are most comfortable with before you start.

Usha Has The Machine For You.

At Usha we have created a range of Sewing Machines that covers every type of user. From the absolute beginner to the most seasoned professional, we have a machine for you. Check out our range and see the one that fits your needs the nest. If you need to speak to our customer care people, they will give you all the information you need. Go through our range at, see what you like and then find a Usha store close to you using the store locator on our website.

We would love to see what all you create once you start sewing.

Once you do start sewing we would love to see your creations. Please do share them with us on any of our social network pages – (Facebook), (Instagram), (Twitter), (Youtube). Tell us why you made it, who was it for and how you made it special.

Now it is going to be a long summer so we suggest that you stay at home where it is cool and start your lessons straight away.


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Sewing is great for Boys & Girls

Sewing is a great hobby for both boys and girls....

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