Understanding Different Sewing Feet


You must be wondering what is a foot on a sewing machine. Well it is the little device that holds down fabric and makes it move with the stitches. There are other foot designs that do even more. These are specialized feet and we will introduce you to them a bit later.

Universal Presser Foot

Your Usha Sewing Machine comes equipped with what is called a Universal Presser Foot. This is the foot that is ready for all the regular day-to-day sewing. Also dubbed the zigzag foot, this all-purpose presser foot is the default for most straight and zigzag stitching.

Zipper Foot

The Zipper foot allows you to stitch close to a zipper’s coils, meaning it’ll fasten smoothly and look neat. This is the go to foot when you are making a pouch and want to attach a zipper. Changing the zipper of your favourite pair of denims is a walk in the park with this foot.

Buttonhole Foot

Another foot that should be a part of your kit is the Buttonhole foot. It comes in a variety of styles but all of them help you sew clean and neat buttonholes. If you take a closer look at this foot you will see it guides fabric slowly and allows the needle to sew two different rows of stitches. Once you finish you will have to cut the fabric between these two rows to allow the button to pass.

Blindstitch Hem Foot

This is the foot that gives you those neat tucked in hems where you cannot see the stitches. The Blind stitch Hem foot is shaped in a way that it tucks in the material while the needle does its job. The end result is a clean edge with no visible seam.

Pintuck Foot

If you are sewing delicate fabrics like lace or silk then this is the prefect foot. The pintuck foot gives them a beautiful finish that adds to the design. Pintucks are amazing they can be used for beautiful artistic effect in parallel or curved lines. You can use pintucks creatively on plain fabrics with beautiful results. View Video.

Seam Foot

A smooth finish is the mark of a good sewist. This is the foot that is responsible for it. It gives everything a smooth finish that is pleasing to the eye. Even seams are critical for good patchwork, joining two pieces of fabric, etc. If you just had to have one foot then this is the one it would be. View Video.

Cording Foot

So you want to make intricate patterns? Then this is the foot you need. It allows you to sew on three fine cords simultaneously. You can use cording to add great 3D accents to your designs. You can use cording as a design element in almost everything from napkins, and cushion covers to your garments. View Video.

Beading Foot

The foot that adds the bling! You can embellish your garments easily with bead strings using the Beading Foot. You can accentuate a variety of projects with beads, from gorgeous neckpieces to garments. Experiment with various types of beads to give a stunning look to your creations. View Video.

Binder Foot

Quilters love this foot and for good reasons. This foot quickly and easily attaches bias tape in one easy step. Binding is a favorite sewing technique among quilters, where it is needed most. You can use binding anywhere where fabric edges need to be enclosed to avoid them from fraying. View Video.

Darning Foot

If you have kids at home, then you need this foot for sure. You can use this foot for mending and also for free motion embroidery. The foot ensures proper stitch formation and minimizes skip stitches, while protecting your fingers. View Video.

Gathering Foot

Gathers can add style to any garment. But they have to be neat and even. Only then does everything end up looking great. You can do this easily with the Gathering Foot. It is actually a pretty easy foot to use. View Video.

Piping Foot

Piping helps to style edges and also give it strength. It is generally used in garments and can also be used creatively in other sewing projects. Use the Piping Foot to add decorative embellishments and also use it to enhance necklines or other garment edges. View Video.

Ribbon/Sequin Foot

As the name says this is the foot that is used to attach ribbons and sequins. With this foot you will find it easier to add a variety of ribbons and sequins to upcycle your old clothes, create glamorous accessories and much more. View Video.

Ruffler Foot

Learn to create beautiful ruffles and pleats using the Ruffler Foot with outmost ease. You will be able to add those beautiful accents to your creations; be they be garments or decor accessories. Ruffles add a little drama and style to everything. A simple cushion becomes a work of art if it has the right ruffles. View Video.

Learn and Create in the most fun way.

At Ushasew.com we have put together a list of videos that will show you how to use all these feet.

The videos are simple and easy to follow. We will show you how to install different feet, tell you how they work and even give you tips that will make using them even more fun and productive.

As it is with everything about sewing, you will need to practice till you get perfect and can control the stitches. What you need to remember is that the fundamentals of all the feet are the same. It is just the applications that differ.

If you have any tips and additional uses for feet please do share it with us on our social network pages. – (Facebook), (Instagram), (Twitter), (Youtube). We would also love to see your creations, so please do post pictures and if possible hashtag us.


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