Usha and the Mumbai Indians want you to win!


The mega tournament has started. The teams have taken to the field. And the games till now have been total nail biters. Now you can get into the action and be a winner.

Usha invites you to be a part of the team and play with them. Now we are not talking about cricket so everybody is welcome. You can play regardless of your age and gender. Also there is no physical fitness test so relax. We want you to get playing right where you are comfortable, at home, on the way to work or school, in office… anywhere actually. All you need to do is want to win.

You Win an Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Plus

Now this is the sewing machine everybody wants. The Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Plus offers automatic needle threading, 23 built in stitches, three dials – for pattern selection, stitch length selection, and stitch width selection, as well as a hard cover for extra protection. It also has twelve applications and specialized feet for blind hemming and fine edge stitching are provided with the machine. A presser foot for making automatic button holes is an added feature. The Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Plus cost Rs 18,000/-  if you are wondering about its price.

The best feature of this machine is its ease of use. Anybody, even a child, can learn how to operate it in a short time. We even have the perfect learning program in the form of videos to teach you the wonderful art of sewing.

If you want to learn get onto  and start your lessons today.  All the lessons are in easy to follow and informative videos. Spaced out strategically between these lesson are projects that help you use the skills you have learnt. And give you the opportunity to show off your imagination and creativity.

Now back to the game!

We hope you are you excited and ready to take to the field. Well actually you will have to watch a Mumbai Indians match, view the Usha Mumbai Indians Video and then go online to play.

Game on every Mumbai Indians’ match.

This contest is on every time the Mumbai Indians take to the field.  During every match we will screen the Usha Mumbai Indians video, you need to watch it and then answer three simple questions.

Register, answer three questions and Win!

Visit and register yourself. Then answer the three contest questions. That’s it! You now have a chance to win an Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Plus!

Watch the video again and refresh your memory.

We want you to win so we have made it even easier. The questions are simple and you will find all the answers in the video. So in case you have any doubts you can watch it again online. We have put it up right there next to the questions.

Keep playing till you win!

The contest is on throughout the tournament. That means you have multiple chances to come out on top. All you need to do is come back to the site on match days and participate again. So keep playing till you win.

Winners will be announced a day after each match.

All winners will be decided as soon as possible. We will look at all the entries and announce the name of every winner a day after the match.

All winners will be contacted personally. The Winners names will also be announced on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So you can check there too.

Now get playing and get winning!

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