Your old denims will love this project


We all have a pair of old jeans that we love and probably live in. They have faded perfectly and have become so confortable that they feel like a part of you. If they have become a little rough around the edges and your heart breaks at the very thought of retiring them then here is some great news. We have a project that will give them a new lease of life and take them into designer territory.

Reincarnation! Well it’s close to that.

What we are suggesting is to take these old jeans and convert them into something that is out of this world. They will be one of a kind and are bound to get all the attention they deserve.

Now this is easy. You just need to use your imagination and creativity. That’s all! Start by planning out what you want to do with them. Do you want to make them into shorts? Do you want to embellish them with lace or patches? Anything and everything is possible.

Here’s how you can get started

First get on to and go through the lessons. These are short and easy to follow. They give you all the info you need and teach you how to sew in the best possible way. The first few lessons show you the basics and then from there you move onto being able to sew properly.

Go through these lessons in the correct order. Each lesson leads onto the next so don’t jump videos as you could miss out on important tips. After each lesson practice till you become adept.

After you have learnt the basics get to Project No 6. This is the one that shows you how to embellish shorts.

Simple steps for a great impact

Once you watch the project video you will see that it shows you different ways to embellish a pair of shorts. The project uses lace but you can let your creativity take the lead and add whatever your imagination desires. Since the fundamentals of sewing are the same you will find it easy to replace the materials shown in the video.

What you need to do is understand what needs to be done and this is explained in detail in the video.

This project works on other garments too.

Once you have added new life to your old denims you can move on to other garments. They don’t have to be old, just something that you want to add a bit of style to. Use the same techniques, understand the instructions and apply them in different ways. You can really let your creative juices flow. Use zippers, add tassels and beads, reshape sleeves… anything is possible. The lessons you have been through have shown you all the steps. You now just need to apply them differently.

So don’t keep those denims waiting and get sewing.

We would love to see what all you create. Please do share them on our social network pages when you complete them. If possible take us though your thinking and explain all your steps so that others can learn from you.


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